“Security is our middle name”. Arival had made security a central focus since our founding in 2019 and it’s something we pride ourselves deeply in. We’ve come a long way since then, creating an extensive IT Handbook, implementing all the necessary controls to protect the systems, and training all employees to think security-first.

Getting a SOC 2 certification is a big deal for us as it lives up to our compliance standards. This has been seen more and more in Fintech unicorns such as Paypal, Coinbase and Square. A SOC 2 is an audit that can ensure that FinTech can…

The value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has surged in recent years. Bitcoin’s price has more than doubled in 2021, and Ethereum’s worth has more than quadrupled this year.

There are no indices to assess crypto price volatility, but a glance at historical price charts shows that stratospheric peaks and depressed dips occur at a faster and more dramatic rate in crypto prices than in prices of assets in mainstream markets.

In 2016, the price of bitcoin increased by 125 percent, then it increased again in 2017, this time by more than 2,000 percent. Bitcoin’s price has fallen again since…

Identity Access Management:

Today’s business world is moving faster, more applications, more user interactions, and more complex with IT to allow it than ever before. What was once clear and straightforward has become a major, connected nature full of thousands of applications, people and devices.

Not surprisingly, many security experts find themselves looking for a next-generation ownership management solution that can address today’s security challenges and future metrics.

There are seven key factors in IAM

1. Begin with the end in mind.

2. Eliminate High Risk Systems.

3. Routine Review and Removal of Orphaned Accounts. …

4. Automate Onboarding and off boarding.


Some time ago far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the internet lies a small unregarded technology. Distributing its market of roughly over one trillion dollars is an utterly insignificant amount over the vast amount of the financial system of our world. This brings us to one of the widely searched topics on the internet is Blockchain for newbies. In the last few times, Blockchain’s success has changed immensely. The importance of studying Blockchain has grown as more companies, states, and businesses embrace the technology. …

Gas is what keeps the Ethereum blockchain going all the time. Every activity that is carried out on the Ethereum blockchain requires a gas fee, be it a simple transaction, Token sale, or even creating an NFT.

It is what helps Ethereum calculate fees required to complete an action and ensures there is balance across the network. In this piece, we are going to deep delve into what gas fees are and why they fluctuate so much in Ethereum and what are some of its alternatives with lower fees.

What Are Gas Fees?

Simply put, the Gas fee is the transaction fees paid to…

There is an increasing number of crypto tokens, outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which are not cryptocurrencies, but tokens that have a real shot at surviving the wild roller coaster that all crypto currencies go through.

There’s a real chance of not only thriving and becoming highly successful businesses in the long term. But surviving in the crypto space.

VeChain is different from other projects in its sector in a few keyways. As a matter of fact, I consider VeChain to be one, if not, THE MOST solid project in the Crypto space. …

Cloud computing plays a dominant role in this era of technology, there is no distrust about the development and potential of cloud computing. Vendors have high requirements for cloud providers, but they have more or less information about their plan, package, or performance. Lacking precise numbers or metadata, consumers cannot accurately evaluate facilities. Despite the increased security, a lack of transparency in cloud computing is one of the reasons corporations still cannot trust cloud services. Generally, cloud computing transparency is about enforcing clear service limits. Time-outs, system accessibility, response period, and troubleshooting are rare elements that must be publicly and…

Financial institutions have been paying attention to blockchain technology, and issues such as “distributed ledger blockchain” have been widely addressed. Many of them have set up innovation laboratories to perform proof-of-concept tests in order to take advantage of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

In this article, we’ll look at how blockchain technology may aid in the facilitation of cross-border money transfers, as well as the benefits of doing so over the conventional method.

How do Crypto Cross-Border Payments Work?

These are transactions carried out using blockchains which eliminates the need for banks that can significantly slow down payments.

Let’s say, you’re in France and you need…

Advanced cryptographic techniques and certain mathematical models for decision making, are the key mechanism that determines blockchain security.

Blockchain technology ensures transparency in transactions of any sort. More on that later. Before we deep delve into what makes blockchain secure, let’s understand its technology.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Simply put, it is a decentralized database that collects information structured into blocks, with each block containing sets of informations. Each block created has its own storage capacity, when filled, is connected to previously filled blocks forming a cryptographic chain, hence the name ‘Blockchain’. Newer information is compiled in a new block so that once filled…

Since the beginning of 2021, there’s been a massive growth in the NFT markets bringing a lot of attention to this space like never before.

Though when talking about NFTs, a lot of people think of it to be just digital art. However, there are other use cases of NFT that have nothing to do with art.

In this article, we’ll briefly look at what NFTs are and their other use cases focusing on domain names.

What Are NFTs?

Before we delve into what is an NFT, let’s quickly look at what is blockchain, the technology on which NFT is built on.


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IT Professional and Investing Geek

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